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Robyn Faison, School Counselor

Counseling and Guidance Services

Hello. I am Robyn Faison, the school counselor at Conn Elementary. As your child’s counselor, the most important part of my job is to ensure that students are safe and successful at school. I am concerned about his/her emotional well-being, academic progress, and personal/social development. There are various programs I may use to reach success in these areas.

The following are provided by the counseling program at Conn:
  1. Short term individual counseling. Typically, I will see a student 3-4 times about a particular school related problem. I will coordinate appropriate times with your child’s teacher to pull them for counseling. Further recommendations or referrals may be given as needed.
  2. Short term small group counseling. I host groups on various topics throughout the year. Groups are typically in session for six weeks. Selection of group candidates is determined by staff recommendation, student needs and the needs of their peer group.
  3. Classroom guidance lessons. I visit all classrooms, K-5 to deliver lessons for personal/social, academic and career success. Some topics include conflict management, anti-bullying, responsibility and academic success.
  4. I will work collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to help students who may be struggling with behavior, emotional, and/or academic concerns.
  5. I help to coordinate referrals to outside agencies as needed for students.

The Student Support Services Team