Princess With Amnesia

By Jane Kionisala

The first Beginning

Once upon a time there was a Queen called Samantha and a King called Luke. One day the Queen had a baby the King and Queen was thinking of a name to name her then they decided that she will be called Rebecca.

Meet Bibi

One morning there was an evil lady called Bibi she wanted rule the whole village, so she made a poison apple to give to the queen.


After three days Bibi went to the castle Knock Knock “ Hi your majesty here is a nice apple just for you” , said Bibi “ Why thank you” , said the Queen. Then after Bibi left the Queen took a bite on the apple then she fell dead on the ground.

sad news

Three hours later the king came back and saw his wife on the ground he was shocked he did everything to wake her up but nothing. She was dead she was not breathing.

The next day the whole village put her in a coffin and buried her in the ground and she was gone.


After five days the king decided the he would remarry another person. Then when he was in the town he made a competition “ who ever the fairest of them all I shall marry” ,said the king

Let The Competion Begin

Five hours later the competion began and everybody were terrible one fell off the stage and one was almost perfect but forgot her words then Bibi came up she was beautiful and perfect she didn't even fall of the stage she was perfect. Then the king have made his decision Bibi was the next to be queen she was very happy

Married again

Three days later Bibi and Luke got married and Rebecca grew into a beutiful princess Queen Bibi and King Luke were very happy.

Mirror mirror

Five hours later Queen Bibi looked at her Magic Mirror “mirror mirror on the wall who’s going to rule them all” asked Queen Bibi “ your a good ruler but Rebecca is the best ruler of them all” replied the mirror when Bibi heard it she was furious.

amnesia potion

After one day Bibi made amnesia potion and poured it on a cup and made it look like grape juice. Then gave it to Rebecca “mmmmmm! delicious grape juice my favorite” , said Rebecca and Rebecca turned and fainted.

Forget everything

She woke up and saw Bibi but didn’t recognise her ahhhhhhhh! were am i" yelled Rebecca

“Ha ha ha you silly child am your nice mother” Bibi replied but the only way to cure this is to be kissed by a prince.

whos the best now

The next day Rebecca woke up and ate her breakfast while Rebecca was eating her breakfast Bibi was looking at her mirror and said, “ mirror mirror on the wall who’s the best ruler of them all” “ your fine but Rebecca is still the best she got very very angry and squished an orange and the juice came out.

Poisoned again

The next day she killed Luke with her poison apple and put him in a coffin and put him in the forest.

The Prince

The prince saw Bibi in the forest laughing he thougth and thougth and realize that the queen had killed the the king and rushed back home but as soon as he came he saw Bibi was thier first and saw that the queen was giving the princess an apple then he rushed to them and said " you have it instead" “ Please mother” Bibi bit a piece off then fainted “ ahhhhhhhhhh! she is dead” said Rebecca “ it’s alright she was gonna kill you with that apple” replied the prince then the prince kissed the princess.

Back to normal

The princess had remembered that Bibi was mean to her and kicked her on the ground the prince and the princess lived happily ever after and they got married.