September 29, 2017

EMPOWERing students through personal inquiry, real-world experiences, and caring environment while challenging students to make a difference in our community.


  • Our school magazine sale is currently going on. Tuesday, October 3rd is the second turn-in day. Monday raised goes to field trips and activities for your student.

  • Learning Lab is available on Monday and Wednesday’s from 3-4pm. Our own Ms. Kifletsadik is there to assist students.

  • On Thursday, October 5, EMPOWER will tour Hawkeye Equipment and Midwest Metal Products. Half of the 6th grade will tour in the morning, the other half in the afternoon. Students will have lunch at school, as usual. Students will get the opportunity to see local companies and their employees in action. We need a few more volunteers to help chaperone the AM group (see below for more information)

    There are still some students who need to e-register in order to go on the trip. Please check online to make sure your child is registered. We sent home notices on Wednesday for those that still need to register. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to E-register. Safety regulations require LONG PANTS and sturdy, closed toe shoes - so no shorts, no open toe shoes/sandals!!! Students must be e-registered in order to go - we cannot take students out of the building without being e-registered.

Language Arts: This week all students took the SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory). We are continuing to work on citing evidence from the text as we prepare for a final writing assignment in our unit, “Rules to be Successful”. We have several assignments on Canvas that students need to complete. They can always do these outside of class at home or the public library.

Science: Students are working on identifying the difference between physical and chemical reactions. We also have been watching the progress or tasting the results of our sugar crystal experiments. We have been learning a lot about chemical properties and their interactions.

Math: Ask your student to explain what the word PEMDAS means. They should be able to tell you the math words that each letter stands for and tell you the saying the helps us remember PEMDAS. The students have been busy using order of operations and finding greatest common factors and least common multiples.

PL: This week we began some of the preliminary work on getting digital portfolios set up. The plan is that the portfolio will follow the student throughout their time at McK. On Thursday, Junior Achievement volunteers came to talk about their careers in human services fields. One of our goals in EMPOWER is to expose our students to many career options as they think about their futures. Thanks, JA.

Social Studies: We are beginning our next mini-unit called “Big History and Early People”. Big Ideas within this introductory unit are: What is culture? How did early people live? How and why did farming begin? What are advantages and/or disadvantages of hunting-gathering and farming?

Thank you for your continued support!

Empower Teachers


EMPOWER will be taking a field trip on Thursday, October 5, to Highway Equipment and Midwest Metal Products. I asked for volunteers to help chaperone the trip, and I received a great response. Thank you! We need about 3 more volunteers to help the AM group. The AM group will leave at 9 am from McKinley and return around 11:30 am. . The AM group will includes students from the Kenny/Swanson/Betts/Wilson Team

If you are able to volunteer, please respond to this e-mail.

Thank you.