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October Newsletter

Mission Statement:

The Springdale Gifted & Talented Program is committed to providing an educational program in which students will be fulfilled, productive, and contributing members of society. The unique worth, ability, and dignity of each student will be recognized and cultivated. Students need a school environment which instills in them a desire to help develop talents and abilities. To encourage optimum achievement, the school will provide varied and challenging learning opportunities matched to the needs and talents of students with high potential.


Curriculum Compacting is a situation in which students who have demonstrated mastery of skills/concepts by pre-testing work on alternate assignments or move on to the next unit/level on content within that class/subject area to avoid repetition of material already mastered.
October Word of the Month - Curriculum Compacting

Meet Jessica Graham

2020 AGATE GT Parent of the Year

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Jessica Graham--Springdale Parent and AGATE Parent of the Year 2020


National Merit Scholars

How to Win a National Merit Scholarship | PSAT Tips
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AGS Student Interviews


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Springdale Teachers Honored With Bessie B. Moore Awards

Jennifer Taunton, a gifted and talented teacher at Linda Childers Knapp Elementary School and Jennifer Malugen, a GT instructor at Monitor Elementary, are among the five teachers in Arkansas who have been named Bessie B. Moore Award winners by Economics Arkansas.

After a surprise visit by Associate Director of Economics Arkansas Marsha Masters, Taunton said, “I am grateful for the award. There is a study that says kids develop their financial habits before the age of seven. The way students become productive members of society is to understand how society in the economic world works. The earlier we start teaching economics, the better the kids will be in the long run.

“If I can teach them how the economy works, how they fit into it, how having a job and doing a good job are important, I can help them have a leg up.”

Malugen, also surprised when Masters appeared at the Don Tyson School of Innovation where Malugen is involved in the district’s Virtual Academy, explained, “I created a project on entrepreneurship with children and it was based on ‘Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur’ and Amelia Bedelia’s book, ‘Amelia Means Business.’ The books gave our kids great opportunities to understand how other kids could be entrepreneurs and how they could be entrepreneurs, too.

“Both stories are based on children who actually were entrepreneurs in their own way. The students learned a lot of economic terms through literature. Amelia Bedelia actually created a lemonade stand and it was great to talk about how she did it.”

Masters, who noted the awards were established in 1995 to honor exemplary teachers for successfully developing outstanding economic and personal financial classroom projects, was not surprised that 40 percent of this year’s awardees were from Springdale.

“Springdale is recognized nationally for its great work and infusing economic education across the curriculum,” Masters said. “It’s an honor to be able to recognize these educators and say thank you for the work they are doing. They are going above and beyond.

“Jennifer Taunton is a leader in economic education. She found ways to infuse economics throughout her classroom the entire year. Whether it was through innovative projects that she was doing or a cooking unit, she found ways to teach her students basic economic concepts.

“Jennifer Malugen did a project all about entrepreneurship through the eyes of a child. She used notable children’s literature to make that connection. Arkansas is a great state for entrepreneurship and she’s feeding the seeds of entrepreneurship with her students.”

Masters added, “The University of Cambridge produced a study that showed children as young as seven years old are beginning to show adult money habits. We think that is true in all areas of economics. Economics is a science of decision making. We want our children at a very young age to learn how to make informed decisions because the decisions they make now will impact their future as well as the future of our community.”

Malugen agreed with Masters, noting, “I wish I would have learned a lot of those economic lessons as an elementary student. It can save a lot of problems of young adulthood. If they can grasp economic concepts now, they will be able to save money that can better prepare their future.”

As a reward for their efforts, Taunton and Malugen were awarded $1,000 grants from Economics Arkansas to enhance their economic instruction.

Taunton and Malugen are two of the many superb economic teachers in the Springdale School District. The lessons they are conveying to future adults in the areas of economics and personal finance will help shape the future of Springdale for years to come. District excellence in teaching economic principles is among the reasons Springdale Public Schools are #THEChoice.

GT Facilitator SPOTLIGHT--Meredith Reeves

Springdale GT Facilitator Meredith Reeves


Each month we will highlight program options available to students in Springdale Schools. Whether a student is a beginning student in Kindergarten, or a graduating high school Senior, gifted services are available at all levels.

K-2 Enrichment

K-2 Enrichment is an opportunity for a teacher certified in gifted education to push-in to a regular classroom to present lessons related to identifying traits for gifted services. The gifted facilitator and the classroom teacher collaborate to present these lessons, and together they create a portfolio (KOI--Kingore Observation Inventory) that will be utilized for collecting data for possible future placement into gifted and talented.
Springdale K-2 Enrichment Lesson--ONOMATOPOEIA


Steffi Teo & Josiah Rippelmeyer

What is the GT Cluster Class Model we use in Springdale Middle Schools?

Choice and Voice in Springdale's Middle School GT Program Using the Cluster Class Model


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Come visit some of Springdale's GT BITMOJI Classrooms

What does GT look like at the secondary level? MEET ASHLEY MARCUM

Springdale Har-Ber High's Ashley Marcum

Reflection on GT Services with Dalene Paull

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Springdale Parent Dalene Paull

GT Library

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Each month we will suggest books related to gifted services or that promote higher level thinking at all levels. Here are this months suggestions from Springdale GT:


"Gifted Leadership in Arkansas: Panel /discussion with Presidents of AAGEA and AGATE"

Thursday, Oct. 1st, 7pm

This is an online event.

"Tips for Best Practices in G/T Identification: Making the Case for Universal Screening in Arkansas"

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 7pm

This is an online event.

"The Origins of Covid-19: Fact and Fiction" University of Central Arkansas

Thursday, Oct. 1st, 6pm

This is an online event.

"FACE the FACTS: Election 2020 Youth Townhall" with PBS

Tuesday, Oct. 6th, 6pm

This is an online event.

"China's Response to Coronavirus" University of Central Arkansas

Thursday, Oct. 8th, 6pm

This is an online event.

"Confronting Anti-Asian racism in Communities and Classrooms" University of Central Arkansas

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 6pm

This is an online event.

"The Future of US-China Relations" University of Central Arkansas

Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 6pm

This is an online event.


GT Directory for Springdale Schools

Shannon Tisher--Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Instruction and Innovation, and Advanced Placement Coordinator

Erin Matthews-Bartz-- Administrative Assistant for Gifted & Talented @ the Perry Professional Development Center

Jaime Cavitt--GT Facilitator Monitor and Walker Elementary

Shannon Ewing--GT Facilitator Turnbow and Westwood Elementary

Rene Griep----GT Facilitator Don Tyson School of Innovation (6-9)

Nancy Halsey--GT Facilitator T.G. Smith and Bernice Young Elementary

Dr. Marian Hendrickson--GT Designee Don Tyson School of Innovation (10-12)

Leanne Johnson--GT Facilitator Elmdale and J.B. Hunt Elementary

Jennifer Malugen--GT Facilitator and Master Economics Teacher ViA DTSOI (K-4)

Ashley Marcum--Instructional Facilitator and GT Designee Har-Ber High School

Lynn Massey--GT Facilitator Harp and Jones Elementary

Wendy Peters--GT Facilitator T.G. Smith and Bernice Young Elementary

Shelbi Raines--GT Facilitator Lee and Sonora Elementary

Josiah Rippelmeyer---GT Facilitator Hellstern Middle School

Lisa Stark--GT Facilitator Bayyari and Willis T. Shaw Elementary

Jennifer Taunton--GT Facilitator & Master Economics Teacher Linda Childers Knapp and Parson Hills Elementary

Steffi Teo--GT Facilitator Hellstern Middle School