July 2020

A Message from the Superintendent

All families will have the opportunity to choose the learning environment that is right for your students. Please take just a few minutes to complete this unofficial survey about the learning options available. Your response will help us as we are making plans for the Fall. An official form will be sent to families at the end of July to commit to a learning option. Again, all plans are subject to change as state and federal guidelines are changing to meet the needs of our community.

Thank you for your help.

Parent Survey for Fall Re-Opening

Upcoming Events

Drive Thru STEM uniform t-shirt store

July 13th

August 10th

Drive-Thru Uniform T-shirt Store!

The STEM Academy PTO will be hosting another Drive Thru STEM Uniform T-shirt store to help parents get their students uniform shirts.

Next Date: July 13th!

See you there!

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Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Summer Math Challenge 2020

Summer Math Challenge 2020

Fun online math games by grade level TEKS to keep the students practicing skills:

Choose your grade level and explore the topics you find there:


Practice your math skills with these games:


So many to choose from! Select your grade level on the left side to see what games you can play to get better and faster with your math skills:


August TSI Testing

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ATTENTION ALL SENIORS! Please login to your College Board Account and build your College List for a chance to earn a 500 dollar scholarship.

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Secondary Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I normally reserve my newsletter spaces for communication regarding upcoming/large events or student groups. However, this month I would like to stress two important causes here at STEM that are in need of attention. Those two areas are substitutes and PTO.

With COVID-19 playing such a large part in the educational environment the last few months, and for the foreseeable future, substitutes are key for the coming year. Requirements by the state, university, and local entities require teachers to stay home if they have any symptoms. That is not all. If a family member has any of the symptoms listed they must stay home until cleared. We all know kids get sick for multiple reasons. This means for the coming year we could have a very real shortage of substitutes. I implore our parents to consider substituting at their child’s school. What better way to become knowledgeable about children learning? Potential candidates are asked to complete an application on the UTPB website. After completing the application you can reach out to Mrs. Elizondo, or myself. Even if you could sub one day a week, it would make a difference in coverage.

The second area near to my heart is PTO. At the STEM Academy our PTO is so important in learning. They are the help when we need volunteers, and the flexibility for many other situations. The relationship to children learning and parent involvement is well documented. One way to help support that involvement is through PTO. The need for volunteers does not decrease as children grow older. PTO needs middle school and high school parents involved just as much as the elementary parents. If you are curious how you can be of assistance in working with PTO please reach our to them through their Facebook page, or send them an email stem.academypto79762@gmail.com.

Stay safe and I am anxiously awaiting the start of the next school year. I can not wait to see everyone’s happy face in August.

In Service to others,

Mr. Cody Griffin

Principal STEM Academy Middle/High School





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STEM Office Hours

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