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Steven Spielberg as a teen had many problems with anti antisemitism in the high school Saratoga in Northern California. He had dyslexia, a learning disability and also ADHD. The author Barbara Chase Riboud filed a law suit because of a copy right infringement against Dreamworks SKG in 1997 claiming ownership of the story to "Amistad" a film based on a true story of revolt by African slaves on a ship headed to America, but the law suit was dropped two months later.


Steven Spielberg is a very successful man, his first move "The Surgarland Express" was not a big hit, but "Jaws" was the movie that made him famous. All through the years Spielberg has won many well deserved awards, he has won 126 awards and has 231 nominations. At the age of 13 Spielberg won his first film contest.


Steven Spielberg has had a long and great life he grew up with dealing with dyslexia and a learning disabilities but that didn't stop him. as he got older he started to become a movie directer. Alot of his movies are still famous till this day like ET, Jaws , War of the Worlds Indiana Jones etc. Steven Spielberg has won many awards for his movies. In 1994 he won best picture award in 1999 he won best movie directer award and in 2000 he won PGA hall of fame - motion pictures.


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Steven Spielberg shortly after he made Schindler's List