Mickala Stoff

Daily Activities

Study, explain, and apply laws to specific problems

Working Conditions

  • Are often placed in conflict situations with clients or lawyers who are angry or unhappy

  • Always work indoors

  • Must be exact in their work. Errors could cause delays or unfair rulings

  • Often work long hours. It is common for lawyers to work more than 50 hours a week

Yearly Wages

Earn $102, 820 per year

Preparation and/or training

  • Have a high school diploma

  • Have a bachelor’s degree

  • Have a law degree

  • Press the Bar exam for the state in which you want to practice

5 important skills and abilities

  • Communicate

  • Reasons and Problem Solve

  • Manage Oneself, People, Time, and Things

  • Work with People

  • Understanding

Recommended core classes and electives

  • Advanced Placement

  • International Baccalaureate

  • Advanced courses

    • Business Law

    • Computer Applications

    • Keyboarding

    • Law Studies

    • Legal System

    • Accounting

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Introduction to Business

Steps to Becoming a Lawyer
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