Multi Specialty Medical Clinic

Demonstration of Skills

Working as a Front Desk Receptionist

When patients' arrive at the Multi Specialty Medical Clinic, their first stop is at the front desk. As a receptionist, you are responsible for registering patients (by validating their health card and checking for any chronic care they may have). Other than patients, you are also to take in out of country/province patients and individuals seeking a driver's medical exam.

Proper Registration of Patients

  1. Greet the patient(s)
  2. Ask whether the patient has been to the clinic or not before; if they have, mark a "B" on the sticky note for `back`, or a "NP" for new patients
  3. Ask for the patient`s symptoms and write them down briefly on a yellow sticky note (try using the list of abbreviations)
  4. Ask for the patient`s health card and swipe/manually enter it on HCV to check the validity of the health card and print out the chart
  5. Using Visual Practice for registering patients and checking chronic care
- search for their database via health card number

- once their name comes up with the correct date of birth, click their name; here is where you check for any chronic care the patient may have (diabetes, hypertension, or asthma)

- if the patient has a chronic care, use the stamps or write it on the top of the HCV chart

- if the patient does not have a chronice care, simply write "no CC" on the top

- instead of searching for the patient, you will click the "swipe" button so you can add them into the clinic`s database

- swipe their card or manually enter the patient`s information

- once the database prints out, the the patient back to fill in their personal information and return their health card to them

6. sign your initials off on the top of the HCV chart while placing the yellow sticky at the top right corner and place the chart on the bin labelled "for team leader desk"


If a patient is at the clinic to follow-up about their results, put a circled R on the sticky and write down which test was done (x-ray, blood, etc.) and how long ago they had the test done

Driver`s Medical Exam

- Ask them if they have any forms (if yes, attach to sheet, if not, it is okay)

- Tell them that you need their ID (their driver`s license is preferred)

- Let them know that the first stage in the exam is giving a urine sample: hand them a urine bottle, tell them to fill it and drop it off and have a seat until their name is called and they are directed elsewhere

Urine Sample Testing

- patients who may have a urinary tract infection or bladder infection are given a bottle labelled "UTI"

- patients checking for pregnancy recieve a bottle labelled "PREG"

- those in for a driver`s medical exam recieve a bottle labelled "DRI"

IMPORTANT: Make sure the urine bottles have the last name of the patient written on them and you write the type of test on the yellow sticky including the letter "U" with a check mark next to it

Patients Out of Country/ Province

- As any other patient, you take in their symptoms down on a sticky note and ask if they have been to the clinic before

- Ask for any ID they might have and attach it to the `out of country` sheet

Multi Specialty Medical Walk in Clinic

Open 365 days a year from 8:00am - 11:00p m