1st Admendment Rights

The rights and freedom of Americans

Freedom of religion

The first right, or freedom, guaranteed in the bill of rights is freedom of s right is guarantee in the first amendment. Freedom of religion guarantees to all Americas the rights to practice any religion they choose, or practice no religion at all.

Freedom of speech

The right to express your ideas and opinions when you speak is called freedom of speech. Freedom of speech also means the right to listen to the thoughts and opinions of other. This freedom guarantees that Americans are free to express their thoughts and ideas about anything .

Freedom of the press

Freedom of assembly

Americans are free to meet together to discuss problems and to plan their action. Of course, such meeting must be carried on In a peaceful way.
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The right of petition

The freedom of petition is the right to ask your government to do something or refrain from doing something. The first amendment contains this guarantee, also. The freedom of petition gives you the right to write to your congressman and request him to work for the passage of laws you favor.