What is Hockey?

Hockey is A game with the most points wins. The objective is to score a goal and not get any penalties or get scored on by the opponent team. There are 3 12-20 minute periods (depends on your age group) every time the referee Blows the whistle you go to the closest face off dot.


Before going on the Ice you need to know the rules first. First ill tell you the penalty rules you can not Elbow, slash, punch, kick, fight, trip, or hit someone from behind or you could get a 2 minute penalty or a game misconduct and you will be down by a player. There are also other ways the referee can blow the whistle If a goal, offside, or icing occurs.

Other Tips

Important people

Bob Suter

He is was one of the best NHL hockey players of all time. He played on the 1980 untied states hockey team and they won gold. Later he bought and then owned the Middleton hockey rink. He has a brother Garrett Suter that played for 17 years in the NHL. And a son Ryan Suter that is still playing in the NHL. Bob Suter died when he was 57 in 2014 on September 9th because of a heart attack. but everyone still remembers him And they always will for what joy he brought into the world.