Penelope the faithful


Penelope's story

Penelope was the wife to the king of Ithaca, Odysseus. Odysseus was called to war during the Trojan War and had to leave. Odysseus was gone from home for 20 years and everyday Penelope would wait him her true love to come back home from the war. There was many times that Athena told Penelope that she was needing to get remarried and choose a suitor so there can be a new king. There was 108 different men that wanted to marry Penelope, but she stayed faithful. To out put off seeing all the suitors she wouldn't go down and see them and refused to say no.When the day finally came Penelope wasn't even aware that her true love had made it back home. He was disguised so the other suitors wouldn't kill him. So Penelope choose a challenge for the suitors to do in order to be her husband. She choose a challenge with a bow and arrow and they would have to string the bow and go through 12 accents. Odysseus was the only that could do it and Penelope knew it was him and she chose him. He strung the bow and made it through all 12 accents.