Book Project 6

Michaela Rodriguez


In both books, the main characters both have difficult obstacles they have to overcome. In The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel faces many challenges throughout her battle with cancer. In the book, No Summit Out Of Reach, Jordan became the youngest American to climb Mount Everest.


Both Hazel and Jordan had to face completely different types of tasks but they both faced problems. Hazel had to face health issues. She was faced with many problems which a lot weren't preventable. Jordan was faced with different type of task. He was faced with the obstacles of climbing very intense mountains at such a young age and all the difficulties the

mountains had.

Which book did you enjoy more? Why?

I enjoyed the book, The Fault in Our Stars more because, it was moving to see how positive Hazel was throughout her ordeal. She was able to make the most out of everything she was going through. Despite her battling cancer she was able to bring joy to many peoples lives.
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Which characters did you relate to betetr? Why?

I relate more to the character Jordan from No Summit Out of Reach. I relate to him because, I enjoy doing enduring things. I like doing daring things and trying new things out just like Jordan did when he climbed the mountains.
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Fault In Our Stars Summary

In this book, Hazel Grace is diagnosed with cancer. She falls in love with Augustus Waters and he is there for her throughout all her struggles. She faces many challenges during this book but she always has a positive outlook on everything.

No Summit Out Of Sight Summary

In this book, Jordan Romero is the youngest American to climb Mt Everest at the age of 13. He also is the youngest person to climb the tallest mountains on each continent, he accomplished this by the age of 15.