October 12th Parent Meeting (Game Program) at 6:30 PM

Our meeting on Monday, October 12th will be SHORT (30 minutes) focusing on our Game Program Guide for 2015-2016. We will meet in the Coliseum.

We have some deadlines that we want to make everyone aware of to be able to pull things together.

We will also give a detailed report on how everything was done last year. Additionally, a list of businesses that bought an add for the 2014-2015 season will be provided.

Our game program is a great opportunity for area businesses and organizations to support our program and gain name recognition in our community.

Come get involved with how we can make this year's guide bigger and better!

Basketball Program Guide 2015-2016

Many of you remember our first successful effort to upgrade the look and feel of our program with our advertisement program last year! I have included a picture of last year's cover.

This year, the goal is to make it bigger and even better! We will not only be including our varsity players - but also our JV, Freshmen, and Jr. High. We are even going to have some information about our summer camp and Hallsville Hoops youth league.

We are asking that each young man in our program sell at least 1 ad this year.

Our pricing is as follows:

1/4 Page Ad - (Black & White) = $35

1/4 Page Ad - (Color) = $50

1/2 Page Ad - (Black & White) = $75

1/2 Page Ad - (Color) = $100

Full Page Ad - (Black & White) = $100

Full Page Ad - (Color) = $200