Designer Babies

By: Hannah Leitner and Nicole Del Buono

What are designer babies?

Designer babies are babies that their parents select the genetic makeup for their child to prevent certain defects to certify the idea that a certain gene is present.

The technique:

  • The technique is known as "Inheritable genetic modification" which modifies all genes in the egg, sperm or early embryos and in the end the final results consist of a change in the genes that will be passed down to future generations from that point on.

How is it currently being used?

Currently, designer babies are meant to edit the genes that are developed by your parents. This gives you, as the parent, the ability to control the certain genes given to your child if you decide to invest in this technique of having a child.

Different uses for the technology and potential uses in society:

  • The technology being used is still being experimented on. Therefore it isn't 100% safe. This technology is designed to make the baby the way the parents want to.

Benefits to this type of genetic engineering?

  1. Some benefits to physically designing your baby includes choosing what traits you want your child to have. Therefore, you may choose what you want your child to look like if you want to. You pick what traits your child will develop.
  2. Designing your baby may cause your child to sometimes be immune to the diseases or syndromes that other children may develop.
  3. The more people that choose to design their baby gives scientists the experience to improve anything that is necessary.

Disadvantages and risks to this process.

  1. The technology being used is not totally safe. Therefore, problems can happen during any procedure.
  2. Risks: these genetically made babies may cause problems in future generations.
  3. There may be a chance that not every gene will be selected for their child.

How is the organism affected?

The designer baby may not be affected by the genes that their parents gave them. Although, the organism that will be affected is the children of the designer baby which is further down in the generation. This is because they will be at risk since these children will develop severe diseases and syndromes.

What's it's economic affect?

Designer babies are a very controversial topic that many people discuss around the world. There are many people who believe it shouldn't be done because it may cause major harm to the child or other disadvantages. Although, some people believe that it is beneficial to many parents who want to choose their child's genes. Overall, designer babies continue to be discussed across the world.

How Does It Affect The Environment?

Currently, designer babies are being used to please parents with the child they want. (brown eyes, blonde hair etc.). But, they don’t realize all of the things that could go wrong and how dangerous it can be. Parents today are willing to risk their baby’s life in order for them not to have a certain disease or even die young. “Designer Babies are illegal in most of Europe, The UK, Australia, Canada, and China. However, it is legal in Britain, Germany
and is legal and regulated in the U.S.”
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How does it affect the world in a social aspect?

Designer babies will affect the world because people may think that having the ability to choose what traits you give your child is good. Until they realize all the harm that it can cause which may change their minds. "In countries such as China and India where boys are favored over girls, this technology could be used so that every set of parents that want a baby boy will get one."

How will it affect our future?

This will affect our future because the human race will die out because if the parents are given a choice to pick their child's gender and appearance, how would the world reproduce? There would be no individuality, people would look the same, act the same and have the "perfect look" that every parent wants.