Identity Gender Percepation

By Ricardo Aguirre


My identity sets me apart from different people becuase in school im a kid that works but also slacks off but i can do my work and finish it and in school i respect all teachers in school i like to join clubs and sports in sports i try my best and i keep trying until i cant go any more. At home im a different person im not the same person like when im at school im laid back and just do whatever i like and im really relax

In the play Twelfth Night the character Fool he is the fool for Olivia his job is to makes fun of people and makes them look stupid. Or just to entertain Olivia. His job isnt really manly like what other jobs that other guys do but Feste is very smart . That is something people dont know about him he can trick people just by his word play.


I am male that is highschool student at Joliet West. Im judge by my gender because people think just because im a male i have to strong and tall and be able to all these things but thats not true. I can some things just not all the things that people expect. The things that i can is that i can play sports but when it comes to play with other people that ae good im terrible.

Feste is a male he doesnt get into fights but he can make look reallly stupid. His word play is really good he confuses and talk himself out of stuff like when he gets in trouble. Feste is male that isnt like other male becuase he doesnt fight or do things like work or be a soldier he is clown


I think people see me as a kid that just messes around a lot and just wants to joke around. I like to do that but i can get seriouse to when i have to be or when i have to work. I like to be seriouse or focused becuase i get my work finish and i do it correctly. People see me as a kid that just wants to do anything he wants but thats not relly true i usally do what im told. i see myself as kid that is respectful and also ignorant. I want to start working so i dont have to use money from my parents so i can buy a car and save up for collage and buy things that i want or need.

Feste from Twelfth night is a guy that is very smart and is very funny but he is very rude and doesnt care what he says or how he maks people feel but that is his job to enteratin people. I see Feste as smart guy that he can do whatever he wants and he wont get in troube becuase he is the clown and his word play and he makes people look stupid.

Similarites and Differences

Smilarity between feste and myself..... The Similarites between me Feste and Myself are that we joke around a lot and we work when we want to. Feste is smilair to me becuase just like him i also like to mess with people and be very sarcastic and we say stuff that can be rude but we dont mea to say it. Feste also doenst care what people think of him just like me and do things that people dont except.