The Link Extra Athletics Carnival

23 August 2018

Overview of Events

Wednesday 29 August

Jumps and throws (Year 1-6)

Middle and long distance running (Year 1-6)

Friday 31 August

Athletics Carnival all day

Monday 3 Septemeber

Back up date for Athletics Carnival

Tuesday 11 & Thursday 13 September

Inter-school athletics carnival for selected students in Year 1-6

Held at Deanmore PS

Jumps and Throws Day

Please see below for the timetable of the day. If you are able to assist with any of these events, please do let me know. We warmly welcome you to come along and support your child(ren) on this day.

We ask that no zinc or coloured hairspray etc be worn on this day, but encourage house shirts being worn.

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Athletics Carnival Day

Our carnival runs for the full day for our Year 1-6 students. Please see the program below for event order and rough timings. A hard copy of this program, with your child's events highlighted, will be coming home in the next few days.
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Pre-primary and Kindy

As this is a long day for our younger students, we will be inviting our Pre-primary and Kindy students out for morning tea and the events leading up to lunch. Parents are welcome to join their children for lunch. If you wish to keep your Pre-primary or Kindy child out with you for the afternoon, once the classes have gone back in, please let your class teacher know.

Our Kindy families who do not attend on a Friday are very welcome to come along and join in the fun.

Hair and accessories

We encourage students to show their support for their house by wearing their house shirt for Athletics Carnival. They are also allowed to wear coloured hair ribbons, zinc and hairsprays on this day, but must apply at home. No products are to be brought to school for reapplication.

Food and drink

Our P&C will be running a sausage sizzle - keep an eye out for pre-order forms which will be coming home over the next few days. Please note that the usual canteen menu will not be available.

A coffee van will be on site for the grown-ups.

Students are encouraged to sit with their family during our designated lunch break (approximately 12.15pm).

In line with our Healthy Food and Drink Policy, we do not encourage students to bring lollies and/or energy drinks such as Powerade to the carnival. Such items may be kept by staff until the end of the carnival.

It is a good idea for students to bring healthy snacks for consumption throughout the day, even if they are getting a sausage sizzle.


  • We warmly welcome you to be part of one of the best days in our school calendar. This is a good opportunity to show your support for your family's house by wearing house colours - they may even be a spot prize for the best dressed parent!
  • Just before lunch we will be holding Staff vs Community vs Year 6 events - passball and tunnelball. Please register your interest with Erica Salt as soon as possible - first come, first served!
  • If you are available to assist with part or all of the day, please do let Erica know. Past feedback from parents has shown that being involved in this way really adds to the greatness of the day. It also helps everything run more smoothly so that we can make this a great day for the children.
  • Unless you are volunteering, we respectfully ask that all families please stay in the designated areas during the carnival. Please do not go into the house bays or ask your child to come to you. This just helps the day run smoothly.

Set up and pack down - volunteers needed

We will be setting up gazebos and other equipment from 7.15 am. If you are available to pop down to assist with this, please let Erica know or just come along.

Anyone who is able to assist with the packing down of equipment at the end of the carnival will be gratefully received.