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April 7th Grade Leadership Newsletter

Hello Parents!

April Showers bring May flowers and also the last six weeks of the 7th grade year! Soon these little darlings will be preparing for a fun-filled summer and getting geared-up for the jump into 8th grade. As the spring semester continues, we have lots of learning still in store for these last months of school. Hopefully our Spring Fever won't get the best of us, and we can finish the year strong! Please read below to see what's coming up this month in Leadership.

Ms. B.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, April 14: Current Event Assignment/Presentation Due
  • Monday, April 21: Famous Inventor/Innovator Speech Presentation Due
  • Tuesday, April 22: 7th Grade Math STAAR (0 Hour released to cafeteria at 8:00)
  • Wednesday, April 23: 7th Grade Reading STAAR (0 Hour released to cafeteria at 8:00)

Enterprise City

Our field trip to Enterprise City was a huge success! The students had a blast and were about to brush up on their banking and checking account skills, as well as put their leadership and communication skills into practice. Thanks so much to Mrs. Wardlow (Abby's mom) and Ms. Anderson (Cameron's Mom) for chaperoning!

What's up in Leadership:

This month we will focus on creativity and problem solving. We've been discussing the importance of being inventive and innovative as leaders in our schools, clubs, communities, and for the future as we enter college and the work force. We've researched some famous inventors and innovators that have made a significant impact on our world with their ingenuity. Students will get to be inventors and innovators themselves as we conduct a "Shark Tank" for entrepreneurial ideas. Just like the television show "Shark Tank," students will present an original business idea to a panel of potential investors. This should be a great learning experience for all!