Tanya Hall Studio City

A Medical Student With Dedication

A Medical Student with Integrity

Tanya Hall of Studio City is a medical student that has the coachable qualities that every one of her instructors appreciates. She is determined, spirited and courageous with a can do attitude. She is dedicated to her studies at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles and is on track to graduate with honors. Tanya currently studies research and experimental medicine so that she may one day pursue her dream of curing and preventing deadly diseases. Part of her studies has been wrapped up in traveling to third world countries and learning about how those communities deal with disease and other sicknesses.

Tanya Hall of Studio City - Technical Logistician Overseas

Tanya Hall of Studio City spent some time overseas as a technical logistician. As a TechLog, she provided daily technical support to all activities in the medical facilities. That role includes tasks outside of her medical background, such as vehicle maintenance and planning logistics for movements of equipment and supplies. She helped set up manage and maintain water supplies and sanitary facilities.

In this role, she learned how to supervise the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment such as generators, solar panels, and batteries. She also handled relationships with other non-government organizations, local and international governing bodies, and partnering staff. A large part of this role was spent organizing statistics and reporting that helped the entire staff with data analysis. Tanya felt that taking a role such as a TechLog would give her a different perspective in medicine.

Tanya Hall Studio City is committed to being the best in the medical field in regards to research and experimentation. She understands that much of the world is suffering from a lack of decent and modern medical supplies, and she desperately wants to help third world countries fight off deadly diseases for which there is no cure.

Tanya Hall of Studio City has dedicated not only her education, but her future career to finding cures for these diseases so that the people of the world no longer need to suffer. Not only does she want to help find cures for diseases, but she also wants to give poorer countries the access to modern medical supplies so that curable diseases don’t inhibit them any longer.

Tanya Hall of Studio City - The Dangers of Overseas Medical Work

Tanya Hall of Studio City has encountered some of the most dangerous scenarios in her fieldwork overseas. Because the tasks of working overseas to bring medical assistance to people in distress, work can occur in settings of post-conflict and active conflict environments. These circumstances mean that there are inherent risks, potential dangers, and ongoing threats to safety and security. Although it is impossible to exclude all of the potential risks, many in the medical field, do everything they can to mitigate those risks through comprehensive security management and protocols. Having a strong understanding of cultural boundaries and legal curfews within the region are extremely important. Although it is equally important to socialize and interact with local populations outside of working hours, it does provide additional dangers. Working overseas is an extremely personal choice, and Tanya determined that the level of risk and the circumstances of danger were worth the risk.

Tanya Hall of Studio City thoroughly enjoys being able to make a difference in the world and the lives of others. Through her travels to different places around the world, she knew that she wanted a career in which she could help people in desperate need to better their lives. Her research and experimentation in different medicines has already given her public recognition with the University of California at Los Angeles, and she hopes to continue to make waves in the medical field after her graduation. Tanya Hall of Studio City is dedicated to finding a cure for the deadly diseases that still plague the world we know today. She already has outstanding success so the odds are she will be an expert in the medical field.