A quick guide to using primary and soft phone

Desk Phone and Primary Phone

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Volume: Use this to adjust volume of headset or handset. This will not adjust how well the customer can hear you.

Hold: If you need a few minutes to look into an order, feel free to place the customer on hold. Always ask if it is okay first!
--->Press once to put the customer on hold and press again to take the customer off hold.
--->If using a headset, press the headset button to take the customer off hold.

Headset: press this to take a call on the headset plugged into your phone.

Mute: this will mute your voice but won't put the customer on hold. Good to use if you just need to as a quick Q or two!

Speaker: press this to take the customer off speaker phone, or to put them on it if you need to for any reason.

Making a Call

To call out of the office, dial 8 + 1 + phone number.

To call another extension, dial the five digit extension (starting with 1).

Checking Voice Mail

Press "voicemail" on phone and enter password (most likely 1234). You'll be guided through the rest!


You are welcome to use either the handset or headset when at your desk. The choice is yours and either works fine.



When using softphone, you will need to use the USB headset that has been provided with you. Please do not use any other kind of headset unless otherwise advised by a lead or trainer.

Switching to SoftPhone

Click on "Primary Phone" on the Shoretel Communicator to switch to SoftPhone
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Answering a Call

When a call comes to you while on SoftPhone, you will need to click "answer" in the box that appears in the lower right corner of your screen. Never send the call to voicemail.

Active Call

When you have an active call, a little yellow box will appear on your ShoreTel Communicator with the customer's number and the length of the call.

: Click the little music note in the yellow box on the ShoreTel Communicator to put the customer on hold. To take a customer off hold, click the little green phone that will appear in place of the music note. The length of hold time will be displayed next to the total call time.

Hang Up/Disconnect: At the end of your call, click the little red phone to disconnect.


To transfer a call, click the blue phone with an arrow in the yellow box on the ShoreTel Communicator. This will produce another box where you can type in the name of the person you need to transfer to. With the exception of Fraud and the front desk, always give the person you are transferring to a heads up. Please do not just transfer escalations or customers to the leads or your coworkers.

You will transfer calls the same way on Primary phone as on SoftPhone.