ABC Countdown Highlights in Pictures

We Get to Lead the School in the Pledge of Allegiance

On Friday, we begin to take turns leading the school in the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning! The first group headed down to the office and did a fabulous job! Next week, we'll send 7 more students on Monday and then one more time on Tuesday.

What to Expect Next Week

Note: I collected my B.E.E. folders last Friday and returned home-school folders to students who sent one in on the first day of school. This will be the "substitute B.E.E. folder" for the rest of the school year. Please keep the homework/behavior calendar in "back" pocket for the rest of the school year.
Monday-W is for Watermelon: we will enjoy a watermelon snack after lunch, and work on a fun watermelon craftivity for Writers' Workshop.
Tuesday-X is for eXtra recess: Woohoo! Fingers crossed for good weather!
Wednesday-Y is for Year-End Clean Up: Be sure your child brings a back pack as we will be collecting items and extra supplies to bring home then help clean, dust, and organize the room for next year's incoming kindergartners.
Also on Wednesday: Ice-Cream Social and Yearbook Signing
from 2:00-3:00, we will be outside (weather permitting) to enjoy some snow cones and sign yearbooks. Your Kindergartner can bring their yearbook back for autographs on this day, if s/he doesn't have a yearbook, we will also be passing out an autograph sheet for signing instead. Some of the older kids wear t-shirts to sign instead of their yearbooks. As a rule, I usually don't don't allow my Kinders to do this unless mom or dad send in a note saying it is o.k. to mark on their shirts (If you'd like some inspiration, check out the pictures below for some cute ways to make an autograph t-shirt). I will be happy to supply markers for the autograph pages; however, I may not have enough permanent markers for t-shirt signing, so you will need to supply that if you choose to go that route.
Thursday-Z is for Zip Up Your Back Pack and Zoom Home for a Zipity-Do-Dah Summer! Students will need B.E.E. folders today! We will have a small awards ceremony for our class and the kids will get to walk the red carpet from kindergartner to first grader! I will place student awards in their folders. I will also include some portfolios highlighting your child's growth this year--it's one of my favorite activities to do with the class as they see how much they've grown! Final Report Cards will be mailed out to you. This is an early release day, students will be released at 1:10pm.