Water Problemes In Zimbabwe

Help conserve cleen water in Zimbabwe

Water Quality

47%. That's the number of sub saharan Africans that have access to clean drinking water. Why this low? Because of the natural phenomena that we call snails, worms, and larvae. These nasty suckers cause waterborne diseases which reduce life expectancy, worsen the quality of life, and stunt economic development. There have been efforts made to stop these diseases but much of Africa still needs help.


How you can help the water problem in Zimbabwe through the Zimbabwe Water Foundation

The ZWF is a non profit organization that helps clean Zimbabwe waters. How? Well, it all starts YOU! With your donation, you will fund our foundation. The money will help us pay for our tickets to Zimbabwe and help us pay for the production of Water recylcing systems. The recycling system cleans the water through many filters and then you twist the knob and WoW! The water comes out! The picture above explains how it works. This should help Zimbabwe in many ways, especially with their health issues. Help Zimbabwe! Donate Now!