Agricultural Adjustment Act

established in 1933

Original Creation (1933)

The Agricultural Adjustment Act, or AAA was created to help farmers in America. The government payed farmers to decrease the amount of crops they produced, along with lowering the amount of livestock they had. This allowed for farmers to raise the price on their crops. The money used to pay the farmers was taken from taxes, which was considered unconstitutional, and lead to its end in 1936. Also leading to its end was the fact that agriculture control was a state's right and decision, not the US government's.

Relief, Recovery, or Reform?

The AAA falls under the recovery programs of Roosevelt's New Deal. This program was intended to help farmers recover from the Great depression. The program allowed for farmers to increase the prices of their crops, and in return made the more money then before.

Return of the AAA (1938)

The Agricultural Adjustment was re-instituted in 1938 with a few changes- but it still does the same (pay farmers for producing less and controlling prices of crops and livestock). The AAA itself does not exist today, but there are still government regulations that do the same exact thing.
Agricultural Adjustment Act


The AAA act was made to help farmers keep prices high for consumers, but also help the farmers with money. To keep act in action the farmers would kill and burn some crops to keep prices high. this was good but the only downside was that the average household could not afford the overpriced food they where selling. Some crops called the bird crops were sold to the common folk but with the complicated thing we call government, they made lots of money from it. late on it was deemed unconstitutional but later came with a different name.


It was successful for some farmers, government and the people. It allowed the farmers to make more money than they use too.
This program helped us understand just how bad the economy was for everyone. Even farmers who had a lot of crops needed help and government intervention, and with Roosevelt's plan, they got it.