Hair Dryer


Can you get shocked in water?

Yes, if the hair dryer falls in the water and you come in contact you will get shocked….

How does it work?

A GFCI is the larger, polarized plug that you'll find on many consumer appliances. When they're plugged in, GFCIs monitor the amount of current that's running from one slot of a wall outlet through an electric circuit and back to the other slot. If they sense a leak in the current, they trip the circuit. ( )

Have people died from a hair dryer?

How many kwh is it for a person to use a hair dryer every day?

Has anyone ever gotten severely injured?

Yes, people have gotten injured.

What does the inside of a hair dryer look like?

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How many kwh does it take for a hair dryer to kill someone?

About 60 kwh

Why does a hair dryer randomly spark?

The cooling is starting to fail.

What are the safest hair dryers?


super salono

CHI rocket