Weekly Newsletter

November 12-15

Wednesday November 13th from 11 am-1 pm

This week we want to take time to honor our Cascadian Veterans--those who have served our country. Come stop by the Veteran's Area next to the Kodiak Corner on Wednesday to celebrate with us! Coffee and Donuts will be handed out. Pizza will be in CC2-161.

Sponsored by the Veterans Club

International Club Open House

Wednesday November 13th from 12 pm- 2pm International Programs Office

You are welcome to join us as for the International Club's Open House! There will be food provided, and there will be a flag-bearing ceremony to recognize the diversity and traditions of each nation. It is a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity we love!

Sponsored by International Programs and the International Club

Thursday November 14th from 4 pm- 6 pm in CC1-041

This week, in honor of National Native American Heritage Month, we have another celebrations going on! Join us to explore social justice as portrayed by artist, Debora Barrera Pontillo. There will be art, new information, and free pizza and drinks! Hope to see you there!

Sponsored by Student Government

Food Trucks

Wednesday, November 13

11 am--PIE

Check it out @ http://roaminghunger.com/pie-mobile

Thursday, November 14

11 am--Curb Jumper

Check it out @http://www.curbjumperstreeteats.com/what-we-serve/

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