Bulldogger Tech Talk

October 1st - 5th

App Launcher

  • Launch Chrome apps using a fancy popup.
  • Reorder them as you like using drag'n'drop.
  • Filter your apps and hit enter afterwards to launch the first result.
  • Choose preferred icons' size in options.
  • Click to launch an app.
  • Show launcher using keyboard shortcut (default: Ctrl + . - on Linux you need to update it yourself using a "Keyboard shortcuts" link on the bottom of the chrome://extensions page).
  • Navigate through apps using arrow keys.

Podcasts in the Classroom

Last week we had a blurb on the benefits of listening to podcasts for extra PD and overall mental health. You can listen to things you enjoy or learn new things. However, podcasts are also amazing tools in the classroom. Students can listen to podcasts for learning purposes, but they are also great tools for presentations! Check out the following articles for ways to utilize podcasts in your classroom.

4 Benefits of Classroom Podcasts and 4 Ideas to Try Today

There are some great ideas in this article. You can also find a compilation of ideas from other educators, including:

  • Use podcasts in conjunction with Google Tour Builder to create virtual field trips with student recorded tour guide voice overs. (What a fun project!)
  • Build an original soundtrack that compliments the rising action, climax, and resolution of a novel. (Why didn't I think of that when I was in the classroom?)
  • Create a “day in the life” documentary that describes the sights, sounds, and activities in an ancient metropolis (or any location).
  • On a field trip, students use a voice recorder, such as the one available through the Soundtrap app, to take notes and a digital camera to take photos.

Teaching the Art of Listening: How to Use Podcasts in the Classroom

Let's be honest, all of our students could use some help with their listening skills most of the time. This article has some different podcasts that you could incorporate in your classroom.

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Google Tour Builder (Beta)

Tour Builder is a new program from Google that allows you to create tours of places you and your students have been or maybe even places you'd like to go using Google Maps. It allows you to add pictures, text, and video, then share your creations with others. This is a great way for students to do those amazing projects where they create visitors guides of locations they are studying.
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