Terrorism! What you may think.

What terrorism is and what people may think of it

The people that may think of Terrorism

This is all opinion based and around my experience. There are 3 types of people that look at terrorism differently. First group are the people who take it serious and think about how can we fix it. Second types of people are the people who follow ISIS and find them on Facebook and do what they say and be a activist person of ISIS. The 3rd types of people who used this terrorism as memes and all they do is make memes out of terrorism. They are the people who don't care much about Terrorism and just say stuff like Allah Akbar and maybe Aloha Snackbar. This paragraph is not meant to be a joke, just a idea on what others think on the situation

What the USA has been doing about ISIS

ISIS has been making around $500 million in oil and gas prices. USA thinks they found 3 leads on ISIS and on where they have been making their money. They put 3 sanctions on the leads to help slow down their money and supplies to keep fighting.They are also preparing for ISIS attacks on US soil and can they do to defend themselves.

Terrorism Info