Amoeba is a protist that constantly changes its shape. To get food, it flows its cell membrane and cytoplasm around a food particle and ingests it. It reproduced asexually. It also has a pseudopod, which most of other protists don't have.


For Euglena to move, it wiggles its 'tail' called, a flagella. It gets its food through photosynthesis. It produces asexually, and it lives in estuaries or freshwater resources. They are the color green because they eat algae.


Volvox is a type of green agla. They get in groups of 500-60,000 and create colonies which form in the shape of a ball. To move, they move their flagella, which causes them to move in one direction. The inside of the colony has nothing inside; it's hollow. It produces sexually.


Finally, is the paramecium. It moves using its cilia to move or to get food particles. It gets its food through its oral groove, kind of like a mouth. It reproduces asexually. It also has an anal pore, unlike all the other protists.