All-City Band Concert 2015



Date of Concert: APRIL 7 (this is the Tuesday after we return from Spring Break)


Student Arrival Time: 6:45pm

Concert Starts: 7:30pm (should last about an hour--students play at the end too)

Students Need:

  1. Instrument from Home (includes Percussion with xylophones--see below)
  2. Music Binder with All-City Music
  3. Wire Music Stand (make sure name is on both parts)

Uniform (not the same as most concerts):

  1. Black Band T-Shirt (ordered at start of year)--has a lot of words on it
  2. Blue Jeans

*Because the school only has percussion instruments for one band to play at a time, students will need to have xylophones for the finale (which all students play together--Percussion equipment will be at the 8th grade set-up). For this reason, sixth graders will need to bring xylophones from home for this concert only.

We will have carts available to transport xylophones to and from the gym. It is best for percussion students/parents to arrive early to drop off xylophone and then get a close parking spot. This also gives parents a prime spot in the bleachers!

All-City Band Concert

Tuesday, April 7th, 7:30pm

1201 Main Street

Batavia, IL