Brandon Elementary Tech Tips

October, 2015


OpenEd is a resource shared with me by the fourth grade teachers at BFIS. It compiles resources including videos, games, and assessments from education websites like LearnZillion. It's searchable and browsable by standard or content. You can even assign specific assignments to your class or individual students by creating a class.

Google Expeditions

Google is looking for teachers to pilot 3D virtual field trips using their cardboard platform. If you're interested, sign your class up, and maybe you'll get picked to go somewhere amazing (virtually!)

If you haven't experienced Google cardboard let me know and I'll bring it in, it's super cool.

Duolingo to support language learning

Duolingo is an app / web service I'm using with elementary students to help them learn a foreign language. If you'd like to integrate it into your classroom for enrichment, let me know. It's really fast to set up and the kids really love it. You can choose from many languages.

Evernote Clearly

If you like blogs, but don't like junk check out the web extension (addon) Clearly from Evernote. It trims out all the sidebars and ads with a click. If you ever need to print an article for class, it's really great for condensing the important stuff.

QR Codes on the Web

When a student wants to scan a QR code from a device without an app, but with a web cam (like the transformer books) navigate to which lets you scan a qr code quickly.