Stop Standardized Testing

By: Jonathan McGill

Standardized Testing isn't Necessary

It has not improved learners achievements. In 2002 the US was number 18 in the world in math. we dropped to number 31. We have been focusing on how to teach the test instead of going into depth about subjects so students do poorly on standardized tests.

We should end standardized testing

Standardized testing hasn't improved students achievement. It is a unreliable way to measure student performance. 50-80% of students over year-year who improve on the test has found out that the improvements happened by fluctuations. Which had nothing to do with long term learning. They are also unfair to students who don't speak and understand English 100% to make them take a test with all English and takes 4 hours."Standardized only measures a small part of what makes education meaningful"this meaning a paper test can't meausre great personal qualities such as persistence, creativity, critical thinking and more.

Pros of Ending Standardized testing

  • Students will be evaluated over the year and not particularly one day.
  • Students and Teachers stress will reduce
  • Teachers can take their time teaching at their own pace and be able to go into depth in subjects their classes aren't understanding
  • The school-year will run smoothly

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