Types of Consciousness

Shannon Ralph


There are many types of consciousness, we tend to think that there is only way to be conscious.

Consciousness is defined as a state awareness about ourselves and our environment, we experiences many types throughout the day. The five types of consciousness is conscious level, non-conscious level, pre conscious level, sub conscious, and Unconscious.

Types of Consciousness

  • Conscious level - In this level of consciousness you are aware of everything going and around you. You can recall every basic information about yourself and others, while being able to do activities.
  • Non-Conscious level- Our body does what it needs to function, we tend to not notice every time we blinked and feel every movement in our body. An example is if someone wears glasses everyday, eventually they will become unaware of glasses on their face. The individual would know that they have glasses on but it would be in their line of visual constantly.
  • Pre- Conscious - Information about yourself or your environment that you aren’t thinking about, but could be.
  • Sub Conscious-
  • Information of which we aren’t consciously aware
  • must exist due to behavior
  • proof: priming and mere exposure effect
  • Unconscious - some events/feelings that are unacceptable to the conscious mind are repressed into it