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enroll your children in AVID

what is AVID

AVID is a prep program that many students start between grade 6 and 12. It prepares students for college and Help them with academic work.

benifits of AVID and what it can do for you and your child

AVID is a program that has many benefits and could take your child far. If your child has the individual determination and will to join avid and stay threw it in high school, AVID will prepare them for college and help scholarship applications. AVID will help your child evolve there critical thinking and problem solving skills. Being an AVID student it would take hard work but with the focus of you and your child there future goals will be fulfilled.

what we do in AVID ( a week schedule )

Monday: every monday we prepare our TRF ( tutorial request form), which is a form we fill out with something we need help on in class such as math problems, ideas on writing a story in ELA, ect...

Tuesday & Thursdays: is when we present our TRF's to a group called our " tutorial group " and the students in the group each help each other on there problems.

Wednesday: we check on our grades and make sure there where there sappost to be. If there not we work on our missing work or other things to get our grade up

Friday: Friday can consist of many things. some day we just have a free day where we get to chill and work on missing work or anything to get our grades up if we need to. Or sometimes we have guest speakers where college kids can come over and do some fun activities or other speakers come and give us life advice.