JH Image Server

Assigning a web address to content.

Image Server Address

From finder, click on "go" then "connect to server." (Command/k is the shortcut.)

Type in smb://jhimg

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Adding Content

After logging in, you will see folders labeled 6, 7, and 8. Depending on the grade level of the student content, you will click on the appropriate folder the create a sub folder using your name. As teachers, you will create a folder using you last name as the title.

(In the beginning, only teachers will put the content in the folders then share the web address to the student). When adding content to the folder, make sure to use the shortest logical descriptor. Drag and drop the content into you folder.

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Remember: you can only upload content at school.

Accessing Uploaded Content

Now, once you have the content loaded, you will give the students the link to their content. This prefix will remain the same on all content:


The rest of the address is the path of folders from the server. Example: