Team 7 Newsletter

March 2-6

End of Term 3

The end of the term is this Friday March 6th. All assignments must be submitted by this time.

Use the Link to Sign-Up for Student Led Conferences

Make sure that you sign up for the correct teacher. You will meet with your child's Cat Time teacher.

News from the Library

Upcoming in Class...


Monday: We will be finishing up the test review

Tuesday/Wednesday: Students will take the test

Thursday: Students will be given time in class to make corrects on their tests

Friday: Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi Activity

Note: Students will get to create a one-page note sheet to use on their test. This is something they will not be given class time to complete. Students that complete the review tend to be more successful on the test than students that do not complete the review.

Language Arts

I first want to apologize for all of my absences lately: the flu season has hit hard at my house! Fingers crossed, we are all on the mend, and all this sickness should be behind us!

This week in class, we need to first finish our essays, and then we will work on a poetry analysis project.

Monday: Conclusions and the library (finish for homework if necessary)

Tuesday: Editing and completing final copy (finish for homework if necessary).

Wednesday-Friday: Poetry analysis project with a partner/small group


Students are continuing to learn about energy this week. We will be looking at 4.2 and types of energy and 4.3 energy transformations and the law of conservation of energy. The test will not be until after break after a review.

Monday - 4.2 and 4.3 notes

Tuesday - GPE lab

Wednesday - GPE lab

Thursday - Calculating Energy

Friday - Law of conservation of energy