Pamlico Sound

The Pamlico Sound Summary

The Pamlico Sound is located in North Carolina coastal area. The Pamlico Sound has a wide variety of wildlife. It includes numerous of waterfowl nesting sites. There are many species like Dolphins, Sharks, and Turtles. The 2nd largest estuary in US is the Pamlico Sound. There are many threats to the Pamlico Sound but the biggest threats are Agriculture and Industries. They are the biggest threats because of the waste and chemicals released. But right now the Pamlico Sound is being protected. The Pamlico sound is most popular for the people that enjoy to fish.

Are Estuaries really that important?

I think that estuaries are really important because they protect our environment by nourishing and providing for the fish that live in it to reproduce. Also i think that they help because they get benefits like fishing.