There Is More Behind Soccer

by:liberty.s ,8

I could hear the swoosh of the ball hitting the goal, I have to always wondered about the details behind soccer. This sport is about way more the just cleats and a ball.

Soccer was invented along time ago, But no one knows who actually invented soccer. Soccer was imported by British Immigrants. Students at schools across England helped soccer develop in the nineteenth century. A match between England and Scotland, after soccer spread to Europe in till it was all around the world.

there are two periods in a game, Each match is 45 minutes. Half time is less then 15 minutes. There are 4 positions forward, midfield, defense, and or goalie. Each position has a different job, all of the jobs do have something in common ,Such as kicking the ball down the field to help make a goal. There are 11 players that need to play in a game.

the Equipment needed for soccer are socks, uniforms, soccer balls, cleats, and shine guard. Cleats make it easier for you to run in the grass. shine guards protect you from getting kicked in the shine. uniforms keep you warm during cooler days and cool you down during hot days.

I have learned fro, researching about soccer that there is a lot more to know about soccer, its more then just having fun.


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