Mysterious Powder

Lab Report


The tests we did was the iodine, and the pr test, and the vinegar, and the oil test.

the iodine test made is have a dark black almost looked like oil.The pr test was to see if it had any aside in it and it turned bright pink.The vinegar was to see if it had a chemical reaction and it did it fizzed and almost went over the top of the spot plate. The last test was to see if it would separate and all it did was turned clear and we could barley see it.

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Iodine Test

The iodine test turn the powder black and very think it looks like oil almost and has lots of clumps.

Test Resalts

For the iodine test it looks like it was oil and it was like black glue, The turned a pink almost looked like it was a bright red, The vinegar test fizzed and it had a chemical reaction,oil test not do all lot all it did was turn clear so it dissolved in the water.