All About me..

By: Jessica McIntire

Family/ Friends

Family and friends are a big part in my life. They make my day more wonderful than it already is. Yes, they do get on your nerves but I have to love them. When I'm down they are there to cheer me up. I know they have my back when I need them, I also have theirs if they need me. They aren't just there during my time of glory but also they witness my shame.
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I enjoy many things that the world offers like zip lining, exploring places other than Indiana roller skating, amusement parks, swimming, camping, fishing, eating, bowling, movies preferably scary, listening to music etc.. Infortunately I don't have much time in my day to all of them or would. I have responsibilities that I have to do, that is a part of being a grown up. Working, school and exercise is mostly what I do now.
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Ideas of my career...

There is so many things that I have thought about to be but I don't know where to start. I not sure if I want to go to college or not. The careers that interest me are culinary, FBI, architect and cosmetology. I pretty much already marked out the cosmetology because I know my salary won't be so great. If something like the stock market cash happens again no one will spend their money to have someone cut their hair, they will cut it themselves. Im leaning more towards culinary because I do enjoy cooking and baking. I don't plan on living in this small town named Scottsburg to much longer. I want to work in a fancy, classy, beautiful restaurant, not some type of fast food environment.