"The Peach State"

All about Georgia

My states name is Georgia.Its state abbreviation is GA.The nickname is "The Peach State".It is located on The Atlantic Ocean and is bordered by Alabama,South Carolina,Tennessee,Florida and North Carolina.My state gained statehood on January 2,1788 and was number 4 to join the United states.

State symbols

The state bird is the brown thrasher.This bird is fairly large the legs are long and sturdy.

Georgia's state flower is the cherokee rose which grows from 6-10 cm.

Its state tree is the Live Oak which produces acorns.


The capital of Georgia is Atlanta which has the population of around 500,000 people and one of the biggest cities in Georgia is Columbus which has around 200,000 to 300,000 people.Which Georgia has about 9,000,000 people living there.Georgia has an area of 59,425 square miles.My states winter climate is 39 degrees fahrenheit and the summer climate is 90 degrees in the day and 68 degrees at night.Agricultural products in my state are peanuts,cotton ,and eggs.A manufactured product is stone,clay,chemicals,food proccesing.A mining or sea food products and gravel and clay in mining and shrimp and blue crabs in the sea.A state Bigger than mine is Texas and Alaska.The appalachian mountains are well known in Georgia.

Places to visit!

If you visit my state you might want to see the Civil War Museum and the Gold Rush Museum.

You also may want to visit the Juliette Low (founder of girl scouts) home.