Transition Plus

Creating a Safe Space for All!

At the end of the day Monday, there was an informational session with Ed Graff and principals regarding the climate within our schools and communities as a result of the presidential orders recently signed.

As our students, staff and families enter into the building to begin the second semester, there may be additional feelings of anxiety and despair. We need to now, more than ever, welcome our students and each other warmly. Make sure we are creating a safe and welcoming environment for all. Be predictable.

We need to be careful in what we share with our families for resources. The district is working on some FAQs and will provide resources and materials for students and families. If there are some resources you have a question as to whether the district supports or not, please present them to me and I will ask legal council about them.

I welcome you to open dialogue with your students about feelings they or their families may be having with regard to these recent changes. Please create a space for your students to have a dialog during their advisory time for this. Make sure you are delivering a clear message that we will support them and create a safe space for them.

Collaborative Survey

Thank you to Stephanie Nelson for presenting 'When Students Push Back' with her colleague. The Community School Collaborative would like to know what other continuing education they can provide us as a staff to better serve our students. Please take a minute to complete the following Survey

Collaborating with our Others

Please remember to have "IEP at a glance" for students available in the classroom for SEAs and related staff. It is important to remember that it is your responsibility as the teacher to share pertinent information with staff members working with your students.

Monday Feedback

Thank you to all of our paraprofessional staff. You being part of our professional development made it so much more meaningful for us all. I hope you enjoyed the breakfast and sweet treats.

Thank you to all of the licensed staff that contributed to our door prizes for the ESP staff.

Thank you to all of our presenters and facilitators at Edcamp.

Please take a moment to let me know what you thought of the day: EdCamp Survey

Reminder for Students requesting their Diploma

Prior to scheduling a summary of performance meeting to exit a student, the case manager should hold a meeting with the student’s IEP team to discuss if the student has completed the Transition Plus Portfolio Checklist. Although a student may have earned the necessary credits to request their diploma, teams should pay special attention to deciding if the student has met their IEP goals and fulfilled their graduation plan. When exiting a student please refer to the Graduation Exit Procedure folder that can be found in the Licensed Staff folder in Google Docs; this document lists the steps in order to request a student diploma and exit from services. The steps are as follows:

  1. Summary of Performance on EdPlan
  2. PWN exiting from Special Education services
  3. Diploma Request Form – Turn in to social worker
  4. Transition Plus Withdrawal Form- Turn into Social Worker

All of these forms can be found in the shared teacher folder, under Graduation

Upcoming Dates

1/31----Team Meetings

2/3------ILT, M/W Schedule

2/3------SEA Meeting 2-2:30pm; 2:35-3:05pm


2/13----African American family Involvement Day 9:30-11:30am

2/15----Project Search - Children's Hosp. Info. Night 4-6pm

2/16----Family Resource Night/ Conferences 4-8pm

2/23----Visit T-Plus Night

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