When I Grow Up

We are looking for a director!

We need a director!

Our director must be great with kids and be able to get them motivated and want to do well. They will have to encourage the children to learn their lines and music.


Our director will be paid $4,000 per two days of rehearsal. Most of he shows we put on will rehearse for three months each. During tech week, because of the longer hours, you will be paid $6,000 every two days.


Summer-3 productions, 12 days each

Fall-1 production, September-November

Winter-1 production, December-February

Spring-1 production, April-June


Famous Actresses Who Have Gone Through This Program

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Kristen Chenoweth

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Anna Kendrick

Sick Days and Vacation Days

Sick Days-

Based on how series the sickness or injury is you have 3-7 sick days per show

Vacation Days-

Weekends, Wednesdays, and March