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The past couple of weeks, the word compassion has been spoken about in a couple different contexts. Last night Torrey did a devotion from Richard Stearns' book, All Sons and Daughters talked about Feed One, A friend posted an Instagram of Brene Browns quote and the ResLife team is reading the book Compassion by Henri Nouwan (Three quotes from those areas below). Now if that's not God telling me something, I'm not sure what is. Colassians 3:12 says "Clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience." I think God is making me think about the areas in my life where I lack compassion for others and have become selfish.

Respectful Living

Dear Finches,

If there is food or dishes in the downstairs kitchen that do not belong to you, please do not take/eat them. We want the kitchen to be a safe place to store your dishes and food without the worry of them diappearing. Those of you that do store stuff in there make sure to clearly label everything.


The Finch ResLife Staff

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