The ocean

What have we discovered about the ocean:

by: Madeline Wright, Sajmir Sulaj, Keegan Steines, Alexis Sislers, Anthony Shickles :)

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fun facts by Keegan and Madeline

  • 90% of a iceberg is under water
  • the average ocean depth is a about 12,200 feet
  • earth's ocean is very important to us. It covers about 3 quarters of the earth
  • about 14% of the world's protein composition comes from fish
  • corral reefs are home to 10% of fish
  • the great barrier reef is off the eastern coast of Australia can be seen from the moon
  • there are over 1000 species of animals in earths ocean
  • we only discovered 5% of earths ocean.

giant squids by Sajmir and Alexis

  • giant squids hate sperm whales because the sperm whales eat the giant squids
  • giant squids eat smaller fish and smaller squids
  • inside of the squid parts of its body are made of a hard substance called cartilage
  • the cartilage protects the squid's brain and eyes
  • the squid lives in under water caves
  • giant squid is the largest of all known squid species and largest invertebrate on the planet

ocean plants by Anthony

  • Ocean plants grow in shallow water
  • Giant kelp can be 125 feet tall
  • forests of giant kelp grow near north and south America
  • they also grow near Australia
  • phytoplankton float near the surface of the picific ocean
  • tiny phytoplankton are food to animals
  • The great barrier reef in Australia has been growing for 12 million years
  • also there are over 50 diffrent ocean plants in the ocean
Ocean Life