Dear Suzie Project Letter

By: Jo, Yajaira, and NoeL

Questions About Cancer

What is cancer?

Is it contagious?

Is it curable?

How does cancer work?

What are the symptoms?

What causes cancer?

How do you prevent cancer?

Dear Suzie

  • Cancer is a group of more than 100 diseases.
  • "is it contagious?"
  • 100% probability that cancer isn't very contagious.
  • you can not get cancer from someone who already has it.
  • cancer can be treated if they are treated much more earlier on their first symptoms.
  • There are three category treatments for cancer: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery.
  • Surgical therapy is one of the oldest treatments= it is a removal of tumors.
  • Radiotherapy is a choice that has to do with x-rays, which penetrates the body.
  • Chemotherapy is a chemical that prevents cells from duplicating.
  • Cancer starts when a cell in a part of the body start to grow out of control and works its way out by multiplying itself in an uncontrollable rate, destroying cells like skin cells and blood cells.
  • Causes of symptoms vary widely. may include tumor growth, headaches, fever, bloating, pain, and swelling.
  • There is a way to prevent cancer, it can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, no smoking, keeping a level body weight, and to avoid spending way too much time outside in the sun.
Chemo Duck Soup-a-Hero Cartoon
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