Not wearing a seatbelt

should it be illegal?

Buckle up its Law!!

Should it be illegal for not wearing a seatbelt, well think about it all these accidents are happening every minute. Well most of the people in the accidents get really hurt because they don't have their seatbelt on. Seat belts reduce 45% of death seatbelts saved almost 1,300 lives in 2009. 3 out of 4 people who were ejected from their car died from their injuries. So yes i think people should wear a seat belt because it keep safe. Drivers alone have lower use seatbelt than drivers with passengers, drivers 16-24 years old have a lower rate of safety belt use than any other age group. Male drivers are less likely to buckle up that female drivers. A common mistake that drivers do is not put their seatbelts on when they start driving. Seatbelts prevent you from hurting yourself in case of a car accident. But now many teens and even adults either forgot or don't put their seatbelt on this is a major problem. With so many car accidents happening today, not wearing a seatbellt should it be illegal. It is very unsafe and you can seriously get injured or even die if you get in a car accident and not have a seatbelt on.
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More than 50 people a year are killed not wearing a seat belt and more than 300 are injured. Reduces serious injury by 50% seat belts have been estimated to have saved 255,000 lives since 1975. So wear a seatbelt or risk using your life.

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