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Brian Greene

The name Brian has been one of the most popular names given to a boy in America since as early as 1925. The name's origin comes from the Irish culture, usually meaning "one of great strength." My recently deceased father, who I am named after, was reluctant to have son who could carry on his legacy for years to come.

I'm a freshman education major raised in Charlotte North Carolina (Queen City). I was born on March 19, 1997 in Anderson South Carolina. My hobbies include, reading, teaching, and watching TV shows. In high school I swam on the Varsity Swim team for three consecutive years. I have won Homecoming King, Prom King, and was selected to be apart of the 100 Black Men of Charlotte. I take great pride in being a member of Clemson's very own Call Me MISTER and Orientation Ambassadors program. This year I'm looking forward to adopting genuine connections with any and every student that crosses my path.

The picture found on google classroom represents the first time I felt that Clemson was the school for me. To some that picture is nothing more than a smile and pretty scenery, but for me I know that there's so much raw emotion that was captured. Being that I never smile in pictures... (see the images below) it was quit refreshing to see how much people enjoy my smile.

In Class Discussion

Chapter 1

Let me first start off by saying how much I hate textbooks with no binding, however; this English book has been one of the first textbooks that I've actually have enjoyed reading. The examples were clear and meaningful and the political cartoons added a nice sense of humor. After taking AP English III I never thought the word "rhetoric" would show up in my life again, but that definitely was not and will not be the case.

After analyzing the chapter I quickly began to realize that rhetoric is in every piece of writing. It can be expressed through visual, oral, multimedia, and written pieces. Rhetoric is also what drives people to thinking a certain way. It is responsible for the authors message and purpose of writing.

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Profiles from Alter Egos

I understand making an online Avatar is an outlet for some, but wouldn't meeting people in person and having physical contact with those same people feel more genuine? Maybe I care way too much about emotions but nothing beats speeding quality times with the ones you love at the movies, a restaurant, or even a bar.
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