Mireina Eid

Environmental Study Project

My Map

I picked these 5 places because i really like to visit them. I usually visit them very often, especially my HOME!


The average temperature in Orlando Florida is 72.3 degrees Fahrenheit (annual). The average rainfall totals in Orlando Florida is 50.8 inches. The weather here in Orlando is very hot! As they say Florida is the Sunshine State. But we do have bad weather here in Florida also. The weather affects the lives of the residents that live here, & some of the effects can be very bad or very good. One way that the weather affects the lives of the residents is when there are hurricanes, tornadoes & other bad weather that destroy the houses and buildings in the city. A good way that the weather affects the residents is that the rain helps our grass grow & it helps clean the Earth.

Natural Disasters

One of the most recent disastrous hurricane in Orlando Florida is, Hurricane Irene. Hurricane Irene is the tenth billion-dollar disaster in the year of twenty eleven. Hurricane Irene broke two-thousand and eight’s record for being a billion-dollar disaster! Hurricane Irene killed at least sixty seven people. Hurricane Irene caused many power outages.

1. You should have a spare bag of food.

2. You should trim your trees.

3. You should block the windows with wood (or something else).

4. You should also know how to turn off your utilities.

5. You should also make a record of your personal things (in case they get damaged).

6. Make a plan with your family.

7. You should always have a First Aid Kit.

8. You should always have a safe room where you can hide.


The founder of Jernigan (Orlando) was a family with the last names, Jernigan. The family were the first people to settle in the area. Six years later, the community officially changed the name to Orlando. The founding date is 1838. The current population in Florida is 17,019,068 (2011). The current population in Orlando is 243,195 (2011). The current population in Orange County is 1,169,107. The community has changed by people building more things.This community has also changed by people building more attractions and by more people coming to live in Orlando. Technology has also taken a big change in Orlando. If you look back from now you could REALLY see the BIG change!


There are lots of residents in Orlando Florida. People from all over the world come to live in this sunshine state, or even just to visit. There are lots of really big houses in Orlando Florida. Here in Orlando, you could buy a house, or rent a house (section 8). I'm pretty sure its different in every state! There are also lots of mansions in Florida. In Florida there is also lots of apartments, even for the elderly people. Orlando is home to the basketball players called the Orlando Magics. There are lots of sports in Orlando like soccer, basketball, softball etc. The most often sport played in Florida is Baseball. The people in my community are very nice. Everybody is always saying hi :)


There are lots of wildlife animals in Orlando Florida, but there aren’t that much in our communities. The wildlife animals that i find in my community are lost dogs, squirrels, and lost cats. But the most fascinating thing that i found in my backyard is an orange and black snake! The wildlife helps our community by eating the bad insects all around us. Also the animals helps us by keeping the food chain alive. The Wildlife can also harm us. The germs that the wild animals leave behind can be very harmful. The animals also will just go into people’s houses. That can result into the person having a heart attack or something.


The cultures found in my community are mostly Puerto Rican. Everybody in my community are always getting along. As to me, i’m NuYorican. NuYorican is a mixed race. NuYorican is from New York and Puerto Rico. Lots of NewYoricans live in New York. Your culture is part of how you live. Most people love to celebrate specific holidays about their culture. Many different people with different backgrounds are all over the world forming new communities together. Everywhere you go you should try to make new friends with people in your community, even if they're from the other part of the world. We are all different in our own ways, we should always try to make friends with different people.

Overall Reflection

All of these things that i have talked about reflect in our communities. The weather has a big effect, especially when its a storm! Natural disasters also affect our community, lots of disasters happen here in Florida. The history of Orlando has a big effect in our communities because its where we live. The residents in Orlando also affect the communities around here. We all should be very nice people in our neighborhoods. Wildlife animals also take a big impact in our communities. You never know what’s in your backyard when you're not looking! Culture, that's a big one too! You should always have a little bit of your culture inside of you! Its how you live :)