Eagle Weekly Update

May 29, 2015

Our Mission and Vision

Monticello's Mission: As a TEAM we take it to the limit and work together with all stakeholders to prepare our students for their next step whether it is to remain at Monticello, to return to the traditional school setting, or graduate and then enter the work force or continue their education.

Monticello's Vision: We All work as a TEAM because it takes Trust and Empowerment to Achieve Milestones.

Duty Roster

Cafeteria: Hudson/Carter/Vallejos

Alternates: Harvey/Rhodes

Upcoming Dates

June 1st-2nd: CTE Testing

June 5th and 8th: Testing for June grads (only)

June 5th-10th: MacBook Collection

June 5th-9th: HS Testing

June 10th: Make ups

June 12th: Graduation @ 2pm

End of Year Summary

Served 368 students (up 52% over 4 years)

Served 35 at-risk JA students (up 29% from last year)

132 anticipated graduates(up 91% over 4 year average)

49 students receiving individual therapy (up 22% from last year)

Mentor Program with David Holcomb (4 mentors)

Blended Learning Flipped Assignment

MacBook Collection Process

Please comment on the document any changes that might need to be considered.

Monticello MacBook Collection Process

Academic Interventions

Testing Goals

Our goal is to have testing be successful for everyone!! Please review your testing instructions so that we will have ZERO mis-administrations!! If you have any questions about testing dates please see the dates above or contact Ms. Reavis. HS tests will be given on the computers (excluding CTE) so make sure all laptops have the NC TEST app. Please contact Mrs. Evans if it is missing. If you have any questions about modifications, please see Mr. Gonio.

Behavioral Interventions

When students need to be removed from your room...

The order is: