Education is a Right

Emma Maki

No School for Millions

Over 70 million kids across the world aren't receiving an education. In Malawi, Africa only 22.3% of boys and 13.8% of girls go to school. Boys in most countries go to school rather than girls because most people think that women should stay home with kids and do house work. Tons of kids work rather go to school because of where they live. If their country is in poverty they won't be able to go to school. Children's rights are not respected nowadays and child labor is more acceptable to people than education and it is not right. You HAVE a right to education!

Take Action

Global Campaign for Education is a membership that helps provide education for every child. The GCE has currently gotten 40 million kids back into school. They give 8 years for free for a child to go to school. They are trying to stop child labor and increase more school time. To take action you can tweet your support, facebook it, run a campaign, and take action in another country. School is a bigger issue than you think, and it's up to you to support the cause and help.