Dream Team Weekly Newsletter

.:Ms. Guest, Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. Gibson:.

January 11-15th


What are we doing?!

This week we will complete our reading and math assessments! I will provide you with feedback as soon as the information is available to me! I will also provide a copy of your child's reading scores in his/her Report Card (when those go home). For writing this week we will learn the importance of details through "How to" writings! We will learn about snow, winter, and all things cold! The Dream Team has really taken an interest in weather, so we will continue studying weather and weather patterns!

.:Just some stuff to know:.

New Year, New Newsletter!

This is my new way of doing our weekly newsletter in an effort to save paper and make it more accessible for parents! Please let me know your feedback on this since I have never done a newsletter for parents online! I will send the link to the weekly newsletter through Remind no later than Monday afternoon of the current week! If you would prefer a hardcopy newsletter instead, please let me know! I truly want this to be a useful tool for parents and I try to keep parents as up to date on any information that I can! So like I said, please let me know your feedback on this because your feedback is the only way I will know things that you like as well as things I need to look at changing!

Sight Words AND Fluency Passages!

Please continue to review sight words with your child EVERY day! This is critical to their success in reading! Also beginning this week, students will bring home a fluency passage to practice each night at home. Parents should time students and write how many words they get in ONE MINUTE on the back of the passage as well as initial beside it. On Friday, students will read the passage to Mrs. Hogan or Mrs. Gibson and they will keep a fluency log! This is so important in helping your child to read without stopping or hesitating between words or sentences! Thanks for helping make your child as successful as they can be!


Please keep in mind that library books are due back each Monday. Also remember that if your child would like to take an AR test on their library book they must read it at least 2 times prior to taking the test. This may mean reading it twice in one night or that may mean reading it for 2 nights, whatever your child prefers to do is fine!

Also, PE is on Tuesday. Please make sure that your baby wears appropriate shoes on Tuesday so that they may participate in the activities during PE!

Ms. Guest will be absent!

Friday, Jan. 15th, 7:30am-3pm

Covington Street Elementary School, Laurinburg, NC, United States

Laurinburg, NC

Ms. Guest will be out of town! Please know that you can send me a message on Remind or email me if you have any problems while I'm gone!

No School!

Monday, Jan. 18th, 7:30am-3pm

Covington Street Elementary School, Laurinburg, NC, United States

Laurinburg, NC

No School! Enjoy celebrating Marin Luther King holiday!

No School!

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 7:30am-3pm

Covington Street Elementary School, Laurinburg, NC, United States

Laurinburg, NC

This is a workday for teachers! Enjoy your extra day off!

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